Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to work, back to posting!!!

I'm such a professional development nerd.

Seriously, I go to training any chance I get. I actually loved going to school and getting my degrees. I've been officially back to work for a couple of weeks now (administrators never really have a summer off, but I'm supposed to get July off) and am now going through PD week in my school system. It's that time of year when we get together as administrators in the school system I work in to meet new colleagues, catch up with old ones, and learn about the big ideas and best practices for the upcoming school year.

This year, we are staying on course, continuing our focus on student engagement, fostering relationships, and pursuing the most innovative ways to reach our students. The only component that has changed involved the delivery method, which is blended learning. I have written about blended learning a lot this summer because that is one of the ways I learn best. If I have to write about it, I better do my research so I don't sound like an idiot. It also helps that I have appropriate answers for my teachers, who I know will have LOTS of questions.

I've said this before: It is an exciting time in field of education. How exciting it is for the students we work with depend on how well prepared we are to help them be successful in school, and in their lives.

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