Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Revisiting The Left Handed Introvert

A little while back, I posted that I was an introverted administrator. As far as Myers Briggs goes, I'm about as INTJ as you can get. According to Wikipedia, it's the rarest of the sixteen personality types. In addition to The Book Whisperer, Susan Cain's Quiet has been part of my "Work Related" summer reading. By the way, I did finish The Book Whisperer before the new Discovery of Witches (Not Work Related) came out!

Getting back to INTJ...when I read about it, I have a greater understanding of why I ended up in a leadership capacity and feel comfortable doing so. Reading Quiet has helped me understand how to better handle myself in situations I may feel uncomfortable in. Whether or not you are an introvert, I recommend you read this book. Cain touches on education and 21st Century learning. Many of the initiatives we have been implementing are related to working as a team rather than an individual. She makes a good point that many of the most important advancements of our time were achieved by an individual who may have started on a team, but the real innovation took place in solitude. Take Steve Wozniak for example. Google him. He had a lot to do with inventing the personal computer. A pretty significant thing.

I can go on and on about this topic. But the key point I would like you as the reader to take away is to make sure you are cognizant of all of the students, their personality types, and learning styles in your classroom and/or building. How do you provide opportunities for your students, or your teachers to be innovative?

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