Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brain Rot Can Be A Good Thing!

I try not to post twice in a week, but after spending some time on vacation, I feel the need to make up for lost time. Don't worry, next week will be back to normal.

As a lifelong learner, I really enjoy reading and researching about things to improve on myself. Sometimes, I go a little overboard and end up overlooking the simpler things in life.

This may seem kind of silly, but there was a point when I was scoffing Pinterest, until I spent some time on it one day and became hooked! I'm just as much of a fan of brain rot as the next person, though my brain rot may look a little that a word?

Just like other Pinterest followers, I set up some boards and began pinning other peoples' ideas onto my boards. I became excited when someone out in cyber space thought something I liked was cool and "pinned" it onto their own board. I found cool recipes, tips on fashion, wonderful quotes, and great pictures.

Once I got over the excitement of pinning my interests and sharing with others, I let my account sit idle for awhile until I attended my school system's blended learning workshop. Sitting there, I went on Pinterest and started searching for boards on topics like blended learning, education, and teaching. Lo and behold, they exist!!! I came across stuff I could actually use with teachers, and stuff teachers could use to implement blended learning. Pinterest could actually be a form of blended learning for educators! time you are looking for a little brain rot, try to channel that brain rot into something constructive and search for something you may be able to use later on. Just because I did a search on blended learning doesn't mean I also did a search on funny cat pictures...or whatever floats your boat!

Happy pinning!!!

Check out Pinterest at - You won't be disappointed.

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