Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Grass Isn't Greener

So, the school I currently serve has a completely different structure regarding exceptional education students than I'm used to. I've always been fortunate to work with an individual who is in charge of all things exceptional education. It is all they do. That person, known as a coordinator for special education would review IEPs, host eligibility and triennial meetings, and would also be the individual who one could rely on as the expert on all things exceptional education.

Here, I work with a department chair for exceptional education, but otherwise, I'm it... I've had seven years supervising exceptional education departments in middle schools, but there has always been someone to monitor all things exceptional education, and they did a good job of it! I felt comfortable making decisions with them to guide me. Now, if I have a question, my answers are a phone call away, but its just not the same.

Something I've learned about transitioning from one school system to another is that the grass isn't greener on the other side...its just a different variety of grass, and that's OK.

I have accumulated quite a few stories like this over the past few weeks. Does that make me any less happy that I made the decision to work in a different school system? DEFINITELY NOT!!! I now have the opportunity to gain a whole new skillset; which is exactly why I decided to go for a position like this to begin with.

That being said, make sure your expectations regarding a new position are aligned with what your desires truly are. Because there will be other "unintended consequences" you will face as a result of your decision. Bottom line,  make sure you enter a new position with an open mind, and a desire to learn!

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