Sunday, November 9, 2014

Ten People To Follow

A New Year's resolution of mine this past year was to see what all of the buzz was about on Twitter. That one thought was a complete game changer for me. Using Twitter has opened up a whole new world of professional development possibilities for me. 

In addition, those possibilities are not limited to the field of education. Several people I have followed are passionate about leadership in general, and I've learned so much from them because of their passion for leadership an what they have accomplished as a result of that passion. 

Below are ten individuals I have followed this past year. They are only 10 out of over 700, but they are 10 who have helped to put my own thoughts on leadership and education into perspective. I also chose these people for three key reasons: They are passionate about their craft, are willing to share, and follow some pretty amazing people themselves! By the way, this list is in NO particular order. 

Scott McLeod @mcleod - This is the guy who writes the Dangerously Irrelevant blog. He is a regular on several Twitter education chats. He promotes innovation and change in education, and has some great ideas on how to make that change happen. He's actually one of the first people I followed. 

Rick Wormelli @RickWormelli - Rick Wormelli's thoughts on standards-based learning really helped me to explain the process of sandards-based learning and standards-based grading to the staff I worked alongside last year as we were all wrapping our heads around this SUPER IMPORTANT concept. In my opinion, his thoughts can be an absolute game changer for any school or school system that is willing to adopt them. 

Donalyn Miller @donalynbooks - This woman knows kids, and she knows reading. I wish I had enough money to have her come visit my school for a month. I am truly fearful that fewer and fewer students are avid readers. Donalyn Miller is passionate about reading, and is equally passionate about getting kids to love reading. She is the reason why I ask in an an interview, "What are you reading?".

Wade Stanford @wadestanford - Wade is one of the reasons I took such an interest in Twitter to begin with. Not only does he have some great ideas, but he follows some pretty fabulous people as well!

John Michel @JohnEMichel - USAF, and a good solid mindset on how modern leadership should look. He has some wonderful thoughts, and shares some pretty awesome articles and pictures, too. I've shred some of his articles with my fellow staff members.

Pam Moran @pammoran - You should always follow educational leaders within your region. I enjoy Pam because she is someone I aspire to be. One can tell that she always thinks with the best interests of kids in mind.

Wicked Decent Learning @wickeddecent - OK, I know I said I was featuring individuals, but this dynamic duo are fellow New Englanders, have a great point of view on the purpose of developing a PLN, and also post some great infographics.

Dan Forbes @DanVForbes - This guy is the reason I stepped outside the educational boundary of Twitter, and began to explore thoughts from leaders outside the field of education. He is also the founder of one of my favorite chats, #LeadWithGiants, what takes place every Monday night at 7:00 Eastern time. It is really fast-paced - 10 questions in an hour!

Tiawana Giles @TiawanaG - Tiawana is the founder of #TheTitleOneChat. She is an incredibly passionate leader and learner. She has a lot of great thoughts on building relationships within the school community.

Daniel Buhr @Cybuhr - Daniel Buhr is not an educator. He is, however, passionate about the realm of leadership, and has a lot of relevant thoughts on the topic. In addition, if you are lucky enough, he will respond to one of your tweets during a discussion with a follow-up question that really makes you think!

As I said before. This is definitely not the be-all and end-all of people to follow on Twitter. However they are people I have enjoyed following, and if you are of a similar mindset, should enjoy following as well. If you have any thoughts on other people I should follow, please comment!

By the way, you can follow me at @JaimeStacy T

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