Sunday, August 24, 2014

Cool Videos to Show Teachers and Staff...And Maybe Students!

For as long as I could remember, the beginning of the school year has always been an exciting time. It seemed as if everyone returned to school with a renewed sense of energy and purpose. They were ready to be motivated and inspired.

When used properly, a motivational video can really work in your favor to emphasize a big idea, send a message, or put a grin on peoples' faces. While I've been exposed to quite a few of these over the years, here are some of the more recent ones you can use to enhance your next faculty, department or PLC Meting.

Be more dog

  • I LOVE this video for two reasons. First, I'm a lover of animals. Second, I LOVE the message. Some of us are unwilling to try new things because of our attitude or demeanor. This video shows what happens when a cat casts aside the stereotype of being a cat and tries being "more dog"! 


  • Do you still have people on your staff who don't understand the impact of social media? Do you have people on your staff who completely understand the impact of social media. This video will certainly entertain and/or inform all staff members - no matter which end of the instructional technology curve they are on. 

Every Kid Needs a Champion:

  • I came across this TED talk last year when I was researching information for our success class. Rita Pierson has been a teacher for over 40 years, and she has a very deep understanding of the importance of building relationships with students in order to help them succeed. 

My 12 Pairs of Legs -

  • Aimee Mullins is an athlete and a runway model. She also had both of her legs amputated when she was a baby. Instead of portraying her disability, she portrays the opportunities and adventures she's encountered as the result of using prosthetic limbs. 
There are so many more videos out there: Ken Robinson's "Schools Kill Creativity" Video, The "Herding Cats" commercial, the "212 Degrees" video, Kid President's "Message to Teachers"...I could go on and on! However, my goal in this post was to give you a few new videos that you or your staff would find inspirational and informative in the coming weeks; some of the most important weeks of the school year. 

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