Tuesday, May 14, 2013


When I posted on my Facebook page that Pinterest is my new brain rot, I had yet to scratch the surface of the Pinterest world. Sure, I still use it as brain rot. I LOVE the "popular" and "geek" boards for this purpose. However, it was time spent on these boards that opened me up to a whole new kind of research. There are so many people out there who have shared so many wonderful things related to the field of education on Pinterest. I've actually found so many things that I've needed to create a board of my own to store all this stuff. If you are interested in the board, here it is! 

Two of the COOL things I have found:

A great infographic to show parents and
students the importance of daily reading. 
A great poster that is going up in the hallways in
my building next year.
I've found information on blended learning, PBL and flipped classrooms. I've also found wonderful infographics, photos, and examples of presentations. What I really need to do next is share some of my own ideas. Perhaps this summer...only 22 more days until the kids leave!

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