Thursday, October 25, 2012

Everything Comes Full Circle

I've had a lot on my plate lately...I has everyone else.

While reflecting on everything there is to accomplish, I attempt to pull out any common threads to help streamline these tasks. I'm currently serving three different roles outside my building, preparing to speak at a conference, and have just been asked to write a chapter for a journal. The following common themes continue to rise to the top as I do my research:
  • Student Engagement and Time on Task
  • Rigor and Relevance
  • Positive Student/Teacher Relationships
  • 21st Century Skills/Techniques
What's really interesting is that the topics that I'm researching: bullying, dropout prevention, and the benefits of obtaining an EdD, may not immediately appear to have a whole lot in common. However, when you actually drill down, the above themes are critical in supporting all of these topics.

Think about it:
  • Students who are engaged throughout the day in relevant and meaningful tasks facilitated by adults who model positive behavior are less likely to be a behavior issue, and are more likely to come to school every day. 
  • Educators who obtain an EdD (or any higher-ed degree for that matter) from an institution that utilizes a project-based curriculum are performing tasks in their coursework they are able to transfer to their teaching and their leadership. In addition, adults also learn more effectively in an environment that is similar to the one I described for the kids.
I've said this before in earlier posts. I truly believe there is a link to everything we do as educators, though we are not always quick to realize this.

So the next time you find your plate to be overflowing, take a moment to find some commonalities. You may be surprised to find just how many there are, and how much more manageable your tasks have become!

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