Friday, April 13, 2012

Transparency - The New 21st Century Skill

OK, so every time I discuss a subject, I will cite the website(s), etc. I researched.

From the Harvard Business Review - Transparency is the New Leadership Imperative

Dorie Clark has a really good point here. By the way, if you have an iPad, you should download Flipboard. On Flipboard, I discovered, Mindshift, a wonderful education website. It's actually something I catch up on every Saturday morning when I sit with my husband at Starbucks after the gym. In addition to Mindshift, I check out the Harvard Business review. While Not directly related to education, there are some great articles on Leadership on there.

OK, getting back to Dorie. She discusses transparency as a necessary component for leadership. As far as I'm concerned, that goes hand-in-hand with the whole rigor, relevance, relationship piece that Willard Daggett has been talking about. We as administrators stress so often with our teachers the importance of establishing a relationship with the students they teach with. However, we tend to hide our personal lives from those we work with...even when an anectdote may actually help in solving a problem or making a connection.

Now, I'm not talking about airing out all of your dirty laundry for all the world to see, or posting every trial and tribulation on Facebook...I'm talking about letting your fellow staff members know what you stand for, your strengths and weaknesses are, and what your interests/passions are. You would be surprised who would get on your side just because someone found out you play golf, own a cat, or like the Red Sox!

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